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    Thank you so much for giving. No donation is too small. It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes because I have this huge hole in my heart. Levi was more than just a cat or my emotional support animal, he was my world!! Please if you could share this others to help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again!!

    Every donation helps...

About this fundraiser

Hello. I come to you asking for help where I tried so hard to save Levi's life and make him better. But, Levi sicker than I knew. He never cried out in pain, and if he was, he hid it well. I had first taken him to a vet specialist that did absolutely nothing for him or give any answers about what was going on with him. They just wanted my money and little I had. I had taken out a loan to try to cover the medical expenses but got nothing in return. I then I had Levi's God mommy step in and help by letting me use her Care credit but I have to pay it back. Robin, my best friend and I took him to another vet on Monday,  April 15th, 2024, where the ultrasound he so desperately needed revealed his liver was failing him and he had lost another pound since March 25th's vet specialist visit. I was so angry and upset because of the things that were being revealed to me about his health that the other vet did not tell me. But in spite of it all, I knew I could not save him and had to send him home to Jesus. 

I had got Levi from my sister Christina, whom was no longer able to care for him. That's where I learned to love again and found out what pure unconditional love was. Levi had a HUGE personality and was loved by all that met him, and through post's on Facebook and Instagram.  He was known as Mr. Levi Love Muffins,  Muffins, King Levi, and mostly Bubba. 

If you able to give, it will not go unnoticed. Please share this too to show your support so I can reach my goal. I live on a fixed income,  and really could use the donations to cover the incurred expenses. Please do this in remembrance of Levi.

In loving memory and honor;

Levi Patterson 

July 1, 2009 to April 15, 2024


Thank you! God bless!


Love. Lora Patterson 

Organized by

Lora Patterson

Henderson, KY, USA