About this fundraiser

For the past 4 years I've ran disabled veteran bowfishing trips and occasionally hunting trips for disabled vets as well. I've done so only out of my own pocket. Now that I've started social media it has been suggested by many of you that have private messaged me to open up a way to donate directly.So here it is in all its glory. Every dime goes to taking disabled veterans out for a night on the water this ain't no wounded warrior bs charity where I pay myself 300k to run charity operations. Now excess funds will go to starting up night hog hunts for disabled vets as we already have the ground work layed for the land,hogs,rifles,atvs,ect we're just missing the thermals and or night vision but thanks to social media I now get a sweet deal on gear. Should something spectacular happen like mass donations the rest will go to housing for disabled homeless vets and unlike others their families will be welcomed as well until they can get back on there feet.

Why the name No Quarter Outdoors?

 Well to put it simply we're vets and most of the species we target are invasive to our homeland so why would we ever give Quarter to an invader.

Why the black faces? 

Well it's all to common now a days for social media influencers to make a caption or video about someone less fortunate than themselves and say “hey look what I'm doing for this group or individual.” The other side to this is that some of the charters I've taken were vets with a good reason to keep there faces hidden ie ODA members,seals,ect.So why not extend the opportunity to all the disable vets that come out with us. 

Why bring other non disabled vets on board?

 Simple I leave it on the vets to decide.Sometimes I take a group of vets sometimes it's just a single disabled vet that feels more comfortable around a family member or group of close friends people in their support chain. Plus usually when we're out on the water or in the woods it's inevitable to swap stories even the painful ones. So I don't blame the disabled vets one bit for wanting to be around close friends or family rather than a group of other vets. Because let's face it vets can be unruly there isn't usually a lot of healing old wounds in a group setting of veterans who are strangers its more shit talking to one another and slaying fish verses a small tight nit group having an awesome experience and healing some old wounds in the process.

Organized by

Robert Moore

Tampa, FL, USA