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Hello everyone. My name is Chelsey, my husband had a very unexpected life change this week. Monday morning he was doing his normal an while having a bowel movement he had passed out an fell hitting his head. When rushed to hospital we were sent home the first time, but went back later that night to different hospital an that is where they found a brain aneurysm on his brain stem and spinal cord. He was to go into immediate surgery but when they did a lumbar tap he had blood in spine so he was treated for infection for 2 days. Once that was done they took him in for surgery on Friday morning. Surgery took almost 6hrs and after surgery doctor came and told me they found another 3 aneurysms but nothing to big an he will need to be monitored for rest his life. He is now resting an healing but won't still be home for a couple days. And he will also no longer be able to work! We have been together 8 years an we have 2 boys age 6,4. I'm currently not working due to being here to take care of him an also leaving here at nights to go home an take care of boys. This was very unexpected an I'm asking for help just for our bills the next couple months until I'm back to work! Anything helps just the littlest can mean the biggest for us right now! Thank you to everyone 

Update! We are home. He is feeling better but still having some headaches an pain in groin from the surgery. We did have to take a trip back to ER 2 nights ago because he was having swelling in certain spots of body an when calling his doctor they told him to go get checked from heart failure or blood clotting due to he was holding fluids. ER did scans an blood work everything checked out looking good an they think some of the medications he is on may be the causing for swelling! Which was great news we were very scared about heart failure. He has a check up with doctor at the end of month to see if his other 3 aneurysms have grown or not. We are still not in any clear that we can return to work. He did not have any insurance during this time so short term disability isn't able at this time. Nor is full time disability a option right now because we're not sure if he can return to work or not! I am back to work as full time but my income is nothing compared to what he was making for work. He was the bigger pay for our family, I'm doing my best but if anyone is willing to help my family we truly appreciate it during this horrible time. Prayers are very welcomed


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Chelsey Chilcote

Fort Wayne, IN, USA