About this fundraiser

Hello everyone who does and doesn’t know me!! Apologies in advance as I’m autistic and sometimes cannot describe things very well. I normally want to help myself as best I can, and hate asking anyone for money help, even with my yearly $8000 special MRI at the Moffit Cancer Center to check for fibromas and tumors due to my Neurofibromatosis. So I already had that hanging over me this year on top of the one from last year as well. Then I went into rehab this year for my ever worsening bulimia /anorexia (I’ve been suffering from this for a good 16 years at this point) which was affecting my health so badly I needed a possible quick and immediate intervention at Monte Nido clinics. However this pushed me an even further $34,000 into debt as insurance didn’t cover any aspect of it, and there are  money update requests pouring in every month. All I’m asking for at this point is help with this years MRI payment, so I can actually start paying off the monthly and maybe I can stop being in a perpetual state of high stress and get back to also being able to give back in the future. I would be grateful beyond anything words could ever describe for any help at all. Just being on this site means you’re amazing, and thank you in advance. 

Organized by

Alexandria Gerrity

St. Petersburg, FL, USA