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    As I start my final step to remission on my cancer journey, I have so much to be thankful for. I love and appreciate my family- every single one of you have stepped up and participated in helping support me along this road. I love how close I feel to all of you. I feel like a lucky man to be sitting here with my beautiful girlfriend by my side and my sisters all ready to step and help and participate in my recovery. My beloved cousins and brothers and their wives you have also helped me so much to get this point- I am grateful to you all. My awesome sons and their partners who reach out to make sure I know that I am loved and needed - I couldn’t ask for more. Tiffany and Austin, your commitment to show up again and again, for anything at all warms my heart more than you will ever know. Just making the trip up to have dinner- ready to hang with your mom and uncle when you don’t have to…All of this matters. Thank you mama Cathy and Terry for always being available to help- I treasure how close we’ve become. From miles away, the love that Les and Moni have shown me, Dan and Peggy, you’re my family now too. Thank you Wanda Dunbar Bolling, Judi & Bruce for just making sure I am still doing well. I could go on forever if I tried to mention you all individually , but there are so many more. I have the best, most amazing friends and co workers that remind me every day that someone cares. All of this said - THANK YOU! I will see you all on the flip side when I can say I kicked cancer’s ass!

About this fundraiser

Jeremy Orlando has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which has attacked his vertebrae. In the fall He received radiation and chemo and will eventually need spine surgery. 

On March 8th, he began the journey to his bone morrow transplant in March 20th leading to many 2 months of prep, transplant and recovery in Portland. The photo is the beginning of this journey. 

Jeremy works in an industry (RV Sales) that pays by commission; unfortunately, being away this long  will impact is finances. His  income is unable to meet his basic needs, let alone the extraordinary added expenses incurred by his cancer treatments (including co-pays, transportation costs, special diet planning, and more). 

Jeremy has lived as someone who would give his coat off his back or the last dollar in his pocket to someone who needed it.  He is generous and loving, and now he needs our support. Please donate and reach out to Jeremy and let him know you are thinking of him via text or phone.

Thank you for supporting my little brother on his harrowing journey.

If you want to learn about Multi-Myloma, and Prognosis Distant: Multiple tumors are found inside or outside the bones, a classic multiple myeloma. The five-year survival rate for distant multiple myeloma is lower—about 59 percent.


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Paulette Caswell

Eugene, OR, USA

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