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Hi , my name is Mandy.  Im a mother of 2 and a hairdresser.   I work full time. I got very sick during covid , with an pulmanary embolism,  I also got diagnosed with Lyme disease that started to affect my joints and it hit my brain, which lead to some irrversable mental illness affects. I gave up and attempted sucide multiple times because I couldn’t afford my bills  tried anything to make money happen work harder Tried to win money which only lead me in the hole more but I was desperate and determined. I racked up so much debt from being hospitalized 6 times in a year and an 4 month stay in the hospital anythurging I just got deep in depression, and the years following it got me dramatically. I lost my home , and couldn’t keep up with bills . I’m trying to save for an apart ment or a home for me and my kids, and car to transfer them.  Rent has skyrocketed to the point where I have to have 3 roommates and my ex husband has the kids a majority of the time.  I can’t afford to live close to them , and at one point I was a stay at home mom. I’m looking to go to school so I can better our futore . Thank you . It would mean a lot ,  im Just trying to be that mom again and go go therapy and see if there is new medication I can take . So I can be a healthy mom close to home . 

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Amanda Ciaccio

West Chester, PA, USA


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