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    Ty all for everything that you have done weather it be prayers donations or words of encouragement all of it means a ton to us we are working on our last step for transplant still needing this step here for transplant Dr tho but we have come a far way from day one every lil step counts plz continue to share so we can get everything we need ty everyone in advance

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Needing help to cover medical expenses that insurance doesn't cover plus hotel stays for the whole process from beginning to end for lung transplant possibly relocation closer to hospital for them to even do the transplant this has been added to our plate unexpectedly… due to the appointments it takes to get to point we are now I lost my job and the side work I been doing barely getting by is about to have to stop as well due to his health our children are impatiently waiting for their daddy to get better and our 4 yr old is waiting so daddy can play with her again… we appreciate anything and everything and all the support we do have thru this rough road.. anything helps and everyone thank you in advance if u can't financially help a prayer for our family it's worth just as much ty all for taking the time to read this have a blessed day 

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Susan Fogg

Crystal River, FL, USA