About this fundraiser

Hi everyone! I'm Lindsey Grela. I'm a mom, wife, and counselor who has been living with chronic pain from Endometriosis for as long as I can remember. I was formally diagnosed in 2012. Since 2012 I've had 3 excision surgeries and was blessed to be able to conceive 2 beautiful girls naturally. My husband and I were recently trying to conceive one more child, but discovered that my AMH (a hormone indicative of ovarian reserve) was extremely low. As we were praying about what decision to make I entered into my most recent Endo flare on 2/28/23. Since then I've had multiple fainting episodes and my pain has been incredibly high on a daily basis which has been debilitating. I saw an Endometriosis Specialist on 3/28 who recommended a Radical Hysterectomy. Because of the severity of pain and the fainting episodes he wanted to schedule it ASAP. I will be having surgery on Wednesday, 4/5/23. As you can imagine this information and decision is quite sudden and not something that my husband and I had planned for (or budgeted for). We are asking for help as we have a pretty high out of pocket max ($9,000) that I went through in less than 4 months. Additionally I am the sole income provider for our family so having this surgery not only is a medical expense, but it will reduce how many client I can see during recovery.  We will also need to have outside help with cleaning and childcare. We appreciate your consideration in helping our family during this suddenly stressful season! 

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Lindsey Grela

Frisco, TX, USA