About this fundraiser

At our shelter and resource center for domestic violence victims, we are changing the way we support survivors as they move towards independence and healing. What makes our organization different? We provide shelter services through an innovative partnership with a unique small house firm that facilitates sustainable solutions enabling survivors to rebuild from scratch.


That is not all. Our main interest in this case is not only their immediate safety but also their lifelong achievements. Many of us including me as a survivor face various impediments to becoming independent after years of trauma. Typical shelters often lack resources and time to address those multifaceted needs thereby making the victims feel unsupported and overwhelmed.

But we are flipping the script at my shelter. The tiny home company we partner with brings together survivors and community members who build homes which are then sold with proceeds going directly into supporting the shelter’s operational costs. Beyond just creating meaningful job opportunities, this initiative fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among those who have lived through abuse.


Wait for it though! On completion of twelve months employment with our tiny home company, survivors get a chance to construct their own home – at no cost – on one of our vacant lots. This goes beyond mere housing; it’s about empowering survivours because they are given.

This fundraiser will be allocated to the startup costs of the shelter. There will be community fundraisers that will finally be able to happen, such as-


“Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.’ One Mile Walk


For that fundraiser, men are encouraged to pay mile in a pair of red heels that are provided in their sizes. This is a Domestic Violence specific walk, however I plan to do lots more!

Such as the iconic color run 5k, bubble run, ninja course, and new murder mystery scavenger hunt event. These will not only raise funding, but they will allow for my corporation, the plan and the ways it is different from others. Allowing a community to get excited about being a part of something that is a major improvement on the way emergency services for victims and their children, have ever been available.

There will also be funds allocated towards becoming a registered 501(c3) Nonprofit Organization. There are fees needed for the state as well as government, as well a small lawyer assist fee.

I would also like to create around 100 emergency packs that I can keep on hand for victims in need of help until our doors open. While these won”t be huge, they will be worth having. I would like to be able to offer a basic bag of essentials a victim and/or her children will need if they had been unable to pack/grab anything when they left.

When I left, my daughter and I had absolutely nothing with us. It was a huge nightmare trying to find a way to get clothes, hygiene products, some things for my little girl to feel comfortable with her new surroundings, such as a little toy or stuffed animal.


Other Smaller Cost Allocation Will Be For;


Five or so (at a time) burner phones and service minutes on hand as well. Often there is a concern of digitally stalking the victim per their mobile device. Or if they just didn’t have the option to bring one along to begin with.


Varies amounts and station gas cards

fast food gift cards, grocery gift cards, bus passes.

Money set in an account for Amtrak funding for out of state travel in highly violent and dangerous circumstances, such as mine.

Amtrak was able to confidently transport us across the country without requiring our legal names to be listed anywhere.


Rental/Purchase Cost (dependent upon the property we decide to move forward with)


A Second Plot Of Land (for the Tiny Home education and building center)


Potentially another plot of land, if we don’t find a plot that is large enough to accommodate living spaces for the tiny homes of the clients that end up completing the requirements of our housing program. These will be built using materials that are paid for by our existing Tiny Home Development Program, and the clients will not be asked to pay anything for the home until or unless they have reached a place that they are able to do so down the road. More options such as being an employee at the build center, will also be a viable alternative to “pay back” the costs.

Instead of money, just the success and contribution that client will provide for us during their employment is the most likely method of paying for their home.


There are lots of ways that I plan to extend professional services that we are able to sell to the public, but also be an asset to our clients. An example of this would be a sewing education program to help to provide some much needed clothing for our families and help to build confidence in our clients who often, have come out of years of control and confinement from the outside world. Unable to get a job, have a phone, have access to money, as well as no access to further education.

One of the most important and healing things that I experienced in my recovery from my abuse, was actually one of the scariest things I faced. I found myself traveling in a van after the short three month stay in the shelter was up. I still was unable to work, because the digital stalking my ex was able to use against me was pretty horrible as he was a computer programmer. Anytime I had used my name the first time I attempted to flee, even just for a random hotel paid for in cash, he was able to locate us quickly. I had to learn things like fire building and lots of other outdoor living things that I had no clue I’d ever be capable of.

That was when I began to realize that I was smiling again. I was experiencing the confidence in myself I had missed for so long. Little by little, thing by thing, I was able to see just how much he had changed the way I thought, felt, and behaved. Just by taking away any confidence I had in myself.

Organized by

Carrie Garn

Idaho Falls, ID, USA