About this fundraiser

This is Tony one of many kitties that I rescue. His owner didn't want him anymore and just put them outside at a very old age. Money will help with his medical care and is vaccines food litter and toys. Cat beds blankets any donations is a blessing. I have all together 16 cats. The outside cats is a mama and her 2-year-old son they are both fixed and have their first rabies shots but their next  rabies shot is due and there's a cat I wasn't able to trap who just had kittens so as soon as I can trap her and her kittens I can have her fixed in the kittens fixed and vaccinated. One of the cats was shot with a 22 by the neighbor so that's why I keep most of the cats in the house. 

There is Kyle, Toby ,Rocky ,fatty Patty, Sylvia Charlie, Sam ,Max ,Eva ,Lucy, Tony, Lila, Georgia mayhem, chaos, one unnamed. I'm doing the best that I can on a very set income of disability truly need the help. For anyone that doesn't want to donate money my phone number is 407-624-8916 and you can message me and I can give you my address if you want to send them something anything is appreciated. I need dry and canned cat food I need treats toys bedding beds they need money for rabies shots and medical expenses.  Thank you and God bless you.

Organized by

Susan Wagner

Wildwood, FL, USA