About this fundraiser

In January of 2024 during a brutal cold snap I could hear meowing outside my window - when i looked outside there was this half frozen ton cat in minus 45 conditions.  

Since then - we have nursed him back to health - his one ear is mostly gone from frost bite - and the infection in his tail I think we have under control.   

This is a sweet cat - loves to cuddle - and like a giant orange teddy bear.   But now that spring is hear - he’s marking everything in sight - howling like mad as he looks for a lady friend.   

With still recovering from the hole I dug from my scrap with throat cancer and being off work most of last year - I just can’t afford the costs of the vet to have him fixed and get all his shots etc.  

With that said - im looking to raise $1000 to cover vet costs to get Cheddar tuned up.   If there is any extra - we will donate to a local rescue society.  

Organized by

Darren Thompson

Alberta Beach, AB, Canada