About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Allyson and I am trying to fundraise to save the life of my beloved cat, Thomas( Tom /Tom Boy) He has a spindle cell vascular tumor on his front right paw. I cannot afford the surgery on my own. He refuses to put any weight on his foot and is painful whenever someone try’s to touch it when looking at it. He needs to get his leg amputated so that he can live a long and happy life and I need your help to give him that.


Tom’s history

I adopted Tom a couple years ago when I lived in Lethbridge

When I got Tom he was a barn/shop cat and had a big hole in his back from being attacked by another animal he also had a mass on his paw when I adopted him but didn’t think to much about it

About a year after adopting Tom the mass had grown and then was some how punctuated and popped during the night. When I woke up in the morning there was blood everywhere and I took Tom into the fort McCloud vet clinic where they wrapped his paw with a pressure wrap first and kept it on him for a couple hours when the bleeding didn’t stop they also tried a wet to dry bandage for a few days.

I had brought him back to the clinic a few days latter and did bloodwork. He was severely anemic. he was taken to surgery right away and they amputated his toe that had the mass on it. I was told that they weren’t sure if they got all of it due to the fact of them, not wanting to have him under anaesthesia too long because he wasn’t in great condition when he went under.

I noticed about a month or two ago that the tumour has come back and we are now living in Edmonton. Like to get the surgery done before it is punctured again.

The leg amputation itself was quoted at $1800 but they also want to do x-rays before hand to make sure the tumour hasn’t spread to his chest which is another $170And they had asked about bloodwork, but I had declined that unless his condition gets worse by the time he goes in for surgery 


Organized by

Allyson Challman

Edmonton, AB, Canada