About this fundraiser

With deep sadness and unbelievable Pain, I lost my Husband and Best Friend to Cancer on October 10th. The news of cancer was unexpected and absolutely horrifying.. Chris was the sweetest and most caring Husband and Father..We were together 39 years and had three special boys we were so proud of. Matthew, Taylor and Quinton. Unfortunately, our tragedy started when we lost our Son, Taylor in 1992 and then lost our Son, Quinton in 2017. Chris was always praised by friends at what a loving father he was to his boys. Their deaths hit us extremely hard and made life hard at times. We always had each other no matter what , until the unexpected news of cancer and given weeks to live.

We have always been inseparable and now I have lost the Love of my life and feel so lost without him. We loved each other so much and I feel lucky to have had him..but, I wish I could just stare at his face one more time..

I am not able to pay for his entire cremation or pay for funeral costs and any unexpected bills that may come up.

If you can donate to Chris's Memorial that would be so very much appreciated.. if you aren't able to donate, your prayers would be appreciated as well.

Thank you so much,


Organized by

Terri Applegate

Poulsbo, WA, USA