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On Monday November 28, 2022 my life changed for the worst. My father was 69 and was found in his home that he shared with his mom and my grandma. My grandmother is 98 and is blind and suffered strokes and blood clot which made her bed bound. My father was her full-time caregiver. When the nurse came in to do a routine check on my grandma on November 28, 2022, the nurse discovered my father passed away while in his sleep. My dad would never let her go to a nursing home as long as he was alive. She has been moved to a nursing home. My father would never go to the doctor's so his cause of death is unknown until the autopsy results come back. With this tragic loss and funds tight, I'm not able to afford cremation or a urn for my beautiful father. Any help would be appreciated!! 

Organized by

Jessica Kleine

Mary Esther, FL, USA