About this fundraiser

Hello I'm organizing this campaign for my sweet girl Dakota Bear… Dakota has a tear in both her left & right back legs… It's unfortunate & very costly. The only two hospitals that specialize in this procedure in my city don't allow payment options for these surgeries as I do not have thousands of dollars laying around (wish I did)… I myself am waiting on a knee replacement surgery, so I know the occasional pains & stiffness that comes with ligament tears & I want to keep my Kota from having to endure that pain daily. She's needed this surgery for her left leg for almost two years & her right leg tore in the process of me trying to save for the first surgery. I want Dakota to be 100% again since she's only three years old (Four in September) so she still has a lot of life to live & running to do. It'll mean the world to her & I if we could receive any small amount of help towards these procedures… Dakota also has Entropion & that's something that will also require surgery, but thankfully it doesn't bother her much right now so our main focus is to get her legs fixed so she can go back to living a pain-free lifestyle for as long as possible…🖤

Organized by

Angela Cathey

Memphis, TN, USA