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Title: Supporting Aisha's NMO Battle Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend Aisha is courageously battling Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), a condition that has not only threatened her health but also caused a significant loss of vision in her left eye. In addition to the physical challenges she faces, the mounting medical bills are overwhelming her and her family. Let's rally together to ease this burden and support Aisha on her journey to recovery.

How You Can Help:
1. Donate: Your contributions, big or small, will directly assist with Aisha's medical expenses and ongoing treatment for NMO.
2. Spread the Word: Share Aisha's story to expand our support network and raise awareness about NMO.
3. Offer Encouragement: Your words of support mean the world to Aisha and her family as they navigate this challenging time.

Together, let's make a meaningful difference in Aisha's life as she fights NMO and copes with the loss of vision in her left eye. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and compassion.

Aishas Parents

Organized by

Kivi Poteat

Austin, TX, USA