About this fundraiser

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

My husband, David, recently broke his right wrist (He already has a metal plate in his left wrist from a previous injury). While we were very hopeful and praying fervently that it would heal on its own, after 3 weeks of X-rays, we shockingly received the news that he would need surgery.

His wrist was healing at too much of an angle so he is just got surgery to re-break the bone and have a titanium plate attached (now it will match his left!).

As we all know, medical bills can pile up quickly, and with David being the sole earner in our household and not able to work now, the news is hitting a bit harder. 

We are asking for help from our beautiful community, even if you “think” your donation is too small to help! If a thousand people donated a dollar each…well you know :)

Everything happens for a reason and luckily David is already learning lessons from this situation. 

We will get through this! Thank you for your help along the way 🥰 Hashem has a plan!

Organized by

Rachel Foody

Alpharetta, GA, USA