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I hope you're ready for this. I'll sum up my life right here. To get that true stability I need to do it myself, but i do need supportive help and I'm not usually one to ask anyone for help.  Not trying to be rude or anything, so the best way to explain this is to tell the background of me, Dion Bachand. I'm a 35 year old plumber. Been plumbing for 15 years. I stay in Chattanooga, TN. Originally from Southern Los Angeles, CA. Dad died when I was 2 and my mother just fell apart and just partied and left my sister and I to fend for ourselves. My dad's parents came and took custody of us after being tired of my sister always calling when our mom would leave us. My grandpa was a Golden Glove Boxer in his late 70's I would witness knocking out the low life's my mom would bring around. He passed when I was six and then my grandma had us by herself trusting everybody to leave us with. I had gotten molested a couple of times but that's neither here nor there. Then my Nanny gave us up to state custody a few years before she passed. Then our mom got us back for 1 year and 8 months. Got hit by a car when I was crossing the street in Orange County during this time. Mom lost custody again, so she never pursued the lawsuit. Then I got taken away from my sister and put into a group home. I did all I could to figure out how to get us back together. I got in touch with a friend of the family here in Tennessee. Our dad's brother was staying with him but he was off in federal prison. So I came here to visit with the family friend and he doesn't deserve any type of acknowledgement because of the sick and twisted mind games he would impose on me. I'm just glad it's over because I've allowed things that no child should ever witness, all for the love of my sister. He did find out about the Native American tribe my sister and I were registered in though. Then, I had got T- boned on 6/6/06 and was in a coma for a month. Let me catch myself and get back to the point I was making, during my whole life I've always had to come up with the solution to fix the problem. I've always managed, sometimes barely. I'm still here though, just wondering when I'll be able to finally look at the ones I love and say, " I finally did it." I told you all that, so I could say that's the reason why I feel I need to do it on my own. I feel like that but I know I need help of professionals. I just lack funds cause I haven't ever learned to save. You can learn more of me by setting what I came from with my late mother by looking up her interview on YouTube " white underbelly interview Lisa Maxwell" have Blessed day

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Dion Bachand

Chattanooga, TN, USA