About this fundraiser

This is Hadleigh, she is a 12 year old that is outgoing, compassionate, and has a heart of gold.

She incurred trauma to her mouth during a dog attack in 2018, and it has caused trauma to her adult teeth as well. Her adult teeth have slanted towards the scar and aren't able to come down to push her baby teeth out. She will need some extractions and an expander to HOPEFULLY give her adult teeth the room to come down. Once her adult teeth are down she will need braces and possibly a permanent retainer.

I've made this for approximately half the cost of the procedures to hopefully get some financial relief from this.

She's an amazing kid with the biggest heart and I just want her to have a smile she can be proud of. 

Anything helps and we appreciate you all so much. If you can't donate please consider sharing so we can get more reach and hopefully some relief from this.





Organized by

Kimberly Torrence

Eastland, TX, USA