About this fundraiser

Hi how are you doing everyone?  I came to Florida with the expectation of starting over. I lost the love of my life due to anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest. I'm mourn for 4 years and it just wasn't getting any better, and it was time for a change. I found someone that made me happy and I actually got out of my depression. And I came down here to be with her with the dreams of starting over and opening hey automobile detailing shop because that's my skill set. Her aunt was sick so that's why she came down here and I followed. So I come down and in process I didn't have a place to stay so I slept in my car in a parking lot and managed to get robbed all my money all my equipment totaling probably roughly $5,000 maybe more. They took my ID and social security card everything so this was the start of the complex situation so how do you how do you work if you don't have an ID or a social security card and you don't have a birth certificate or any other ID to prove who You are so the couple dollars that I had got ate up fast and then the vehicle that I had went away to survive you're living in Budget hotels which are expensive and then you're completely broke and then you reach out to like EBT the snap program and it's really complicated and messed up in Florida because you can't get a hold of no one and then if you don't have a car you can't get there to do that it just got worse and worse and worse before you know it I lost 70 lb and I was living in a tent in the woods and that never in my life did I would have would think that this would be me. I'm very good at what I do but without ID social security card and everything else is really hard to get a job you're starving you don't have a place to shower and it just is out of control so I'm like really I'm not just kind of person to ask for help but I'm the first one to help people all the time so I thought maybe that someone would help me for once I want to get my business going and I will promise you this if anyone does help me I have no problem paying them back or exchanging for work or whatever I'm not lazy but it's really hard to get any kind of grants I just want what I'm going to use the money for I want to get an RV so I have always have a place to live and I want to use the rest of the money to start my business and like I said if anyone helps me I would gladly give them free services when I do so I guess that's all I really have to say and I'm really I'm at a loss for words at this point my heart goes out to anyone who can find their heart to help me and I promise you this if I'm help helped on here I will make it my life's mission to help others like I've already have and I guess that's pretty much it I hope that someone finds compassion and up to to help me because it's been it's been hell and I'm surprised I'm still alive but everyday that I wake up I think they're good Lord above for another day 6 ft above thank you for taking me my situation in a consideration to give a hand thank you and have a good night

Organized by

Shane Glatfelter

Citra, FL, USA