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  • Dry Run!

    The call for Lungs on March 18th fell through as The Donor Lungs were not appropriate for me.
    Thank you for supporting me on this journey as we wait For the next call.

About this fundraiser

Let me hear you say, Lungs yeah! 
She’s gotta get a double set, yeah!  
We gonna help her get there? 
Oh ‘LL yeah!! 
Needing a transplant of any kind is a daunting concept, but imagine if it was your reality?  
Chris Dolat is a devoted mom, wife, grandmother (Lolli), aunt and friend to so many and is facing just that: her new reality of needing a double lung transplant.  Let’s admit, this is not a journey anyone does alone. She’s going to need all of our support. 
As a mom of three kids, she has always been dedicated to supporting her children in all their journeys, through endless amounts of sports and activities. Cheering on her kids the whole way. Literally. Like maybe even 8,674 (per kid) of baseball games or track meets of cheering. She was always there to support them. And now with her grandkids and their sports and academics, still always cheering.  Being there for all her kids’ and grandkids’ achievements has been a huge part of her life, her priorities, and in turn her happiness. But it has become harder over the last couple of years to physically attend all the events and activities that she would normally never miss. Often, she is forced to sit out the activities she always loved with her family because one of the basics of functions, breathing, is a challenge most days. Doing the simple day-to-day things like laundry, and cooking can be exhausting, leaving little energy to do the things she loves, like family time around a campfire, swimming in the backyard pool, walking the beach, camping with friends and grandchildren, etc. activities that always bring so much joy.  Of all the things she could $u@k at, it has to be breathing 🤣
 After a recently failed procedure to try to improve the air circulation to the good part of her lungs, the doctors have now recommended a double lung transplant. 
Chris recently finished the testing the transplant team requires to be approved to be placed on the transplant list. Her medical team is asking that there is a medical fund in place for things like unexpected medications, equipment, and additional hospital bills.  They rightfully, won’t approve new organs if one isn’t in a position to do everything it takes to be successful. 
The medical journey ahead is undoubtedly a long and complex one… and an expensive one. With frequent trips to Boston needed, parking, gas, tolls, and hotels for her husband to remain by her side and nearby during treatment after discharge, costs that aren’t covered by insurance will likely be high. Even if a transplant isn’t feasible, or it takes a large amount of time for compatible lungs, her health will worsen and appointments and treatments will still be necessary. The weight of the financial burden isn’t something she or her family should consider as they bear the burden of the already intense decisions ahead in going through a double lung transplant. The costs are enough to make anyone just about lose their breath, and it's just not something someone still so young should have to be faced with; especially, in weighing whether they proceed or not with a procedure that may restore some of their quality of life and ability to return to the people and activities that fill her heart.
So, let me hear you say, Lungs yeah! 
We’re gonna help her get a double set, yeah!  
We’re gonna help her get there!  
Oh ‘LL yeah!!

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