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I am fundraising for my father Duane Hall. My father passed away on 12/09/2023. He had been placed in the Brickyard Healthcare Center in Richmond IN. Dad was placed in the facility because he had a broken hip. My father was there for four months. I was not notified of this until he passed away. My father was suffering and alone, he did not have one visitor during his time as a resident. This upsets me so much.  I didn't get the chance to care for or to be with him in his final hours. My heart is broken.  My fathers body was placed with Community Funeral Home in Richmond IN.  The caregiver had let dad's insurance premium lapse, so he now has no burial insurance. My father passed with not a dime to his name, no funds to arrange his memorial.   I am begging for help to lay my my father to rest at the Riverside Cemetery in Losantville lN with his mother and sister.  Please help me to help my father to be placed in his final resting place. . Please help me please.  Please out of the kindness of your heart help me, to help my father. Please please help. 

Organized by

Rita Lykins

Richmond, IN, USA