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    Hi every this update should have come sooner but we were honestly waiting for the drs. As you know duanes surgery was unsuccessful due to to much scar tissue and narrowed hips they couldn't remove the cancer. The next step is Medication to try and slow the progression of the cancer until drs can decide to do chemo or radiation. Unfortunately even with insurance he would have to pay $2,500 for this medication each time he needs it we don't know how many times he will need it. Duane wants to keep fighting and live but with all these costs and drs not communicating hes loosing hope he so desperately needs. Please help if you can please...

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Update Duane needs an mri it is $200 out of pocket we simple cannot afford it Duane is also needing surgery he goes on July 17th to Houston to meet with the surgeon but without any financial help he can not go and he cannot afford what he needs for surgery please help us please. 



This is Charles Mummey aka Duane. He was recently diagnosed with Cancer of the Prostate. He will have to start traveling between Lufkin TX and Houston TX for treatment and surgery and financially He cannot afford to do so. His insurance isn't the greatest and doesn't cover all expenses or transportation for him. Please find it in your heart to help us fund his medical needs so he can be here with his family for longer. 

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Ashley Mummey

Lufkin, TX, USA

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Charles Mummey