Latest update as of May 23, 2024

  • Sophie’s lung had collapsed again. She’s been fighting off a cold and her team believes that once she’s better, the lung will start to inflate again. Good news is she is stable and will not need a hospital stay

About this fundraiser

Sophie got sick at the beginning of February with one of the original strains of Coronavirus. It developed into pneumonia and with it a bacterial infection and empyema of the left lung. She was rushed into the ER where the first of 3 chest tubes was placed and 600mls of puss was drained in under 5 minutes from her lung. She was stabilized and then flown to Seattle for treatment due to how severe her infection and pneumonia were. She seemed to get better and was ultimately discharged. However her chest tube sight would not close and kept leaking puss. Eventually I became concerned and took her to the walk in clinic and asked to see a wound care specialist.
I was told over and over that it was completely normal and it was implied several times I was overreacting. A follow up with another wound care specialist confirmed that it should have been healed by this point and there was something wrong. A CT scan then showed her lung compressed completely and a huge pneumothorax in her chest where her lung should be. Another chest tube was placed in the ER on March 8th and she was Mercy Flighted to Kalispell early in the morning on March 9th. Her third chest tube was placed March 10th. She currently has two chest tubes. She’s having one final round of medication March 11th to hopefully break apart the last of the puss surrounding her lung to allow it to expand and heal. If the medication does not work we will be looking at a surgery to clear the puss and wash her lung.

This fundraiser is to help with the cost of Sophie’s medical bills, travel/ lodging, and other expenses we may face while helping Sophie heal. Sophie has taken two med flights in the last month and has required more medical attention then originally thought. Please don’t feel pressured to donate. We appreciate all the prayers we have received for our sweet princess. 

Organized by

Kimberly Mader

Great Falls, MT, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Trent Oliver