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Hi, my name is Elizabeth. And I'm probably dying. Two years ago, I got sick and my life changed forever. Since then, I've been in and out of hospitals. I quit running. I nearly flunked out of school from being gone for months at a time. One of my favorite jokes is “They must really like me here; they keep asking me to come back!” The costs add up, especially combined with being a full-time, ironically, nursing student. My doctors are still trying to pinpoint what is wrong with me. I have narcolepsy, and am tested this month for POTS, epilepsy, and EDS. EDS can affect the development of my heart and it’s ability to circulate oxygenated blood. As such, along with family history, I’m at a great risk for heart failure. My pain and symptoms are so debilitating on bad days, I can’t even tie my own shoes. I need help in affording my doctors, prescriptions, and testing. I try to be a positive person because I hate being a burden, physically or emotionally, but I am so terrified to die. I have so much left to do, and I keep trying to convince myself I am ready, but I’m not. I’m not ready to die yet. https://www.bonfire.com/sick-18-year-old-student/?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=campaign_page&utm_campaign=sick-18-year-old-student&utm_content=default

Organized by

Elizabeth Nielson

Traverse City, MI, USA