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Hey everyone 😊, I’ll tell  you guys a little bit of my story. Back in November of 2022, I slipped off a residential roof while I was pressure washing the house. i stepped on a moldy area. I fractured my tibia bone 🦴 dislocated my elbow and damaged my knee. Luckily I was approved for emergency 🆘 medical. And covered my leg 🦵 fractured surgery. But they won’t cover my elbow surgery. Now I am seeking help in Mexico 🇲🇽 and I was told surgery will cost me 7k. Which I don’t have. I will appreciate any help possible. If you can help with the kindness of your heart ❤️, I will really appreciate it. And or I can pay you back with work. I work as a window cleaner. I also offer pressure washing , Solar panel cleaning 🧼, and re- screening . My hands and arms is what I use to make a living. And the problem is my elbow is stuck. I cannot extend out. It’s very limited. And it limits a lot of what I can do to work. I can’t do all I was able to do. And often need help. That’s why I decide to get help in Mexico 🇲🇽, because doctor’s are less expensive. Thank you all and have a bless day. 🙏🏻😊❤️

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Manuel Alvarez

San Diego, CA, USA