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 I was nipped on hand/fingers by dog a couple weeks ago which led to a significant staph infection and flexor tenosynovitis to rise and cause my hand to swell nearly like a glove. They tried to Lance it at the ER and unfortunately two days later I took an ambulance at 2am because I couldn't sleep or do anything literally without crying and constant pain. It had doubled in size and I was beginning to lose function of my fingers so immediately I was being admitted and taken to surgery next day. Luckily surgery helped tremendously with pain and it is currently healing well. 

 I am on home health with nurses coming once a week. I have a PICC line that I have to give myself IV antibiotics every 8 hours for 4 weeks or possibly more plus three incisions on my palm and a few months of physical therapy to look forward to I'm pretty sure because I can barely move middle fingers much and can't make a fist. 

 I have now been sitting in the dark with no electric for nearly 3 weeks as my bill was already due asap around bite and I was expecting to hopefully make my self employment/temp services money to keep it on. 

I cannot work as I am self-employed and do odd jobs and maintenance for income or local temporary employment services. Luckily my housing is covered by section 8, but they notified me if I did not have my electric back on by May 30th that my housing was going to be terminated. It took me a year and a half to finally receive the blessing of an apartment from homelessness. 

 I've done everything I can, from calling churches to LIHEAP, even asking family and friends embarrassingly with not much help. I'm stuck and it's getting closer and closer and I'm so stressed out and anxious dealing with everything. I'm so scared that I'm going to end up becoming homeless again or anything because of my situation not looking to improve by their termination date.

 OG&E is wanting the rest of the bill ($780) plus a deposit to start service again because my service has been inactive now. I'm not sure how long it's going to be before I could possibly even do like just a temp service for any income due to PICC line in left dominant arm and three incisions on other hand. 

 I tried to be as detailed as possible to better explain and not me trying to beg but I absolutely need someone's help soon and it's frightening that Electric company didn't care at all I was/am at high risk of becoming Septic which could, or more likely than not, result in death without IV Antibiotics. 

  No help at all with requirement of my medicine syringes needed refrigeration so I wanted to add quickly that I have to walk a little over a mile everyday or so to my aunts to get my medication in order to keep it refrigerated. I feel truly beat and everywhere I've turned hasnt worked out or not enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help truly. Brandon

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Brandon Ellett

Oklahoma City, OK, USA