About this fundraiser

Please know I am EXTREMELY embarrassed to even be asking but I would not if I were not completely desperate. This is not a common thing for me to do. After an unfortunate incident, my car was impounded and I need $660 to get it out. My dog was placed in a shelter and I need $300 to get her back. We have been staying in a hotel and I am behind on the rent to the tune of $550. I have a job but will not have a paycheck for 2 weeks. I have too much potential for success to be made homeless, lose my job and my dog all within the next 24 hours if I cannot make this happen. Honestly, I do not care what happens to me so much as my dog, I need her back and she needs me. I am risking extreme humiliation, judgment and embarrassment by doing this, but I have always helped others when I could, without judgment, and am hoping I can find some kindhearted individuals to do the same. 

Organized by

Lisa Plasky

Farmington, MI, USA