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Hello , I had to urgently rush my sweet 2 year old maltese Dexter to the animal Emergency he  needs two blood transfusions and a bunch of tests he was diagnosed with evans syndrome ,and if he makes it  he needs to see internal medicine to check his bone marrow afterwards , this is also a additional test  , please help me save Dexter , he was diagnosed with IMHA and ITP , the combination of both of these add to EVANS SYNDROME , hes only 2 and has his whole life ahead of him , Dexter saved me from my self so many times , and I can’t imagine my life without him , he’s so young and lovable . if anyone has pets and is aware of big emergency bills you will understand how expensive it can be .I will forever. Be grateful . Please , Please help in any way you can . Thank you 🙏  I hope one day to help someone in return 

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Nijmah Reece

Dearborn Heights, MI, USA