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  • Katie Marie gained her wings

    My sister left her pain behind 11/16/23. Intestinal cancer is never easy to treat, in her case it hd spread. In Aug she was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable adenocarcinoma. 1st week of August her 1st symptoms showed itself. 4 months of pain with everything she ate no pain medication could ease. As much as I hated to say goodbye, watching cancer strip every ounce of strength from her was unbearable for all. She didn’t want visitors, nor phone calls,

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Dear Friends and Compassionate Hearts,

Our family is facing a profound and emotional challenge as my Aunt, Katie Warren is in hospice care, with limited time left with us. We deeply respect her privacy, but the financial strain on her children and siblings is significant. The costs for end-of-life services are overwhelming, and we're seeking your support to ensure our loved one's final moments are as comfortable and dignified as possible.
Donations will cover medical expenses, specialized care, and arrangements for her end-of-life journey. Your contributions, big or small, will make a meaningful difference, easing the emotional and financial burden on the children and her sister who are dedicated to providing the best care possible for her.

We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and financial support. Your kindness will bring comfort and solace to our beloved Katie as they embark on her final journey. Please keep her in your thoughts and, if you can, make a donation to help. Your generosity will make a world of difference.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Haven Mayberry & Family -


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