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my son Terry fought for life from the day he was born with diabetes , he lost his sight and function of kidneys, but he never stopped believing in God and fighting to live. i found him in a coma the morning he was to go to dialyisis but my car had been stolen by repo people because i told them i needed to reduce my car payment after paying on it for 6 years they sent a repo unit out and took my car and my sons life. Terry was the greatest gift God could give me very faithful son and faitful to his Lord Jesus.  He was a poster child at age 4 for diabetes association and was a 5th generation 7th Day Adventist. Father of 3 children brandon, ashley and katelynn, 4th in his family of 5 suibblings. his dad Neal Bennett precedeted him in death. Terry was an electrical engineer by trade until diabetes robbed him of his sight. His mother and siblings survive him. Terry helped anyone who genuenley needed help no matter what or who it was he was a believer in helping his fellow man.

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TERRY Bennett

St Clair, MO, USA