About this fundraiser

Hello to anyone listening. I have very little faith that anything good will ever come my way as I have been struggling with many issues for some time now. At 30 years old out of nowhere my teeth started failing. I can remember the moment it started and I immediately scheduled an appointment at the dentist and I was on state insurance at the time. The dentist said I needed a root canal but it was 3500 dollars I didn’t have. I signed up for a care credit card fixed my tooth and paid off the card. In 6 months I needed four more and the dentist said my upper teeth were failing at a rapid rate And to consider getting them all pulled. After attempting to return to that same dentist I was ignored phone call after phone call. Asking my insurance company where I can go I was told there was nowhere else. Fast forward to two years later my mother died and my teeth were practically falling out on their own. I used every dollar my mother had left me and maxed out my care credit card and paid 30,000 dollars for an upper all on 4 non removable implanted denture. That denture that I paid all that money for has given me nothing but problems and has now caused me to develop bruxism. I have pleaded with the implant doctor but he says that there is nothing wrong with my implants and the loose fit is normal. I assure you it is not normal and not comfortable in the least. And now I am suffering with a failing implanted denture and failing bottom teeth with no means or opportunity to fix them. I have tried everything I can but I have hit a wall and can’t find a way to fix my situation without asking for help. The pain has become unbearable and I don’t get out of bed anymore. I want my life back. Any kind of help would be appreciated and if any good comes from this I will happily pay it forward when I am able. So to anyone who is listening. Thank you.

Organized by

Sharon Brown

Glassboro, NJ, USA