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We have chosen to build our family through Surrogacy and are at the beginning of our journey.

We have been planning and saving for the surrogacy process since 2018. We have reached the point where we are in need of help to bridge the gap between our savings and loans. We are currently 35 and 43 as of 2024, and we worry that we won’t get to enjoy to the fullest that raising a child has to offer if we wait any longer.

We have been discussing the idea of children even before we got married, hoping one day we would welcome a child into our lives. Upon the passing of Jay's mom, that desire to welcome a child grew even stronger. The idea of reincarnation and the passing of genetic memory through Jay, gives the hope that Jay's mom could have a better life than the one she was given and then taken away too soon.

We have so much love to give and a great family support system. Our bond with our nieces and nephews only furthers our hopes of one day showering our own child with that same love. The phrase “It takes a village” is embodied by both of our families and we know that they will be there with us every step of the way should we achieve our greatest dream of parenthood.

We have been encouraged by our friends and family who so dearly want to support our journey in having a family of our own, and we couldn’t love them more for wanting this as much as we do. We have created this crowd funding avenue so that our loved ones can support us in our journey.

We are going through New York State Surrogacy Center to help us select the best Surrogate for our journey, and going through CNY Fertility Clinic to help us in our Embryo Creation and Egg Donor process. The process itself is an active, thoughtful and, at times, trying process in the creation of our family.

We deeply appreciate your support and can’t wait for you meet our baby.

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