About this fundraiser

Do you love fresh, local products? Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture? 
We do too! That's why we're excited to announce our plans to open a new goat farm right here in Locke, NY!

Our Mission:

  • To raise happy, healthy goats in a humane and sustainable environment.
  • To provide our community with access to high-quality goat milk, soaps, and other products.
  • To connect people with the joys of agriculture and the importance of local food systems.

We Need Your Help!

Getting a goat farm up and running takes a lot of elbow grease and support! We're launching this fundraiser to help us cover the essential costs of getting started, including:

  • Fencing: Keeping our goats safe and happy requires secure fencing.
  • Shelter: Building a comfortable and healthy barn for our herd is a top priority.
  • Healthy Goats: Purchasing healthy breeding stock is crucial for a successful farm.
  • Equipment: Milking equipment, hay feeders, and other farm essentials are needed for daily operations.

Every contribution, big or small, gets us one step closer to our goal! Together, let's cultivate a thriving goat farm and a more sustainable future!

Organized by

Ryan Veinotte

Locke, NY, USA