About this fundraiser

My father is the most amazing human I know. He has always gone above and beyond for anyone. He would give his shirt off of his back for anyone in need. We went in to get heart monitor because he was having health issues along with already having prostate cancer, he Ended up being sent the same day by ambulance almost 2 hours away from home because his main artery was clogged and there was hardly any blood flow to his left arm. The dr said he was lucky he made it and was on the verge of a massive heart attack. We’re lucky he’s still here with us . It has been a very hard time for my mom and myself as we have had to drive back and forth daily and switch out every day and  it’s exhausting and ext expensive, my father is stressed and worried about all of the bills he cannot  won’t be able to  pay for quite some time. As well as he does not have the best coverage insurance wise and has to pay 100 every time he sees just one of his doctors and with heart issues and prostate cancer and he has quite a few doctors. It’s been so hard to manage the bills. My parents deserve to have a stress free time as I wish I could help more but I don’t have the funding either and am In my own tough situation due to needing to take my husbands  Nieces  In after their mother and grandmother passed away. Any amount will go towards medical bills as well any type of bills we can cover to help them get by during this long healing process. It would be very much appreciated. I also have items I’m willing to sell to get my parents the help they deserve. Thank you 

Organized by

Rachel Kinzer

Tahlequah, OK, USA