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Hello All 

As some of you may know and others may not, January of this year my Sister Brenda was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, with less than 20% of her kidneys functioning.  She has been on dialysis since February and will soon undergo pre screening for kidney transplant procedures. Unfortunately her body still has not adjusted to the dialysis. She has had 3 surgeries. Her initial placement (neck & arm) and 2 others due to failures of the fistula in her arm. As a result if this devastating ordeal, my sister had to opt for a medical retirement and apply for disability.  In the course of waiting for her financial sources of income to kick in, she has exhausted all of the funds she had in her savings, etc due to not having consistent funds to cover her living expenses etc., She is  now struggling to  live day to day facing living & medical obstacles she never wished for.  We are reaching out to any and all who are willing and able to give. No donation is too small.. We are thanking everyone for their donations and support in advance.

Organized by

Cynthia Thompson

Baltimore, MD, USA