About this fundraiser

My husband Chris was out working on Tuesday January 16, 2024 when he started having pain and throwing up. He was on the phone with me and told me too call an ambulance. I called the ambulance and told him I was on my way, but I was about an hour away so I knew I wouldn't make it to him in time. First responders got to him and took him to Medical One in Clinton, IA. They did a CT scan and found he had a blockage from a gallstone. It caused severe damage to his pancreas. It also left him with a severe infection because his pancreas was being eaten away by toxic juices that digest meat. He is in the hospital fighting to be here. He has acute pancreatis. We have a long road to go!! I am off work so I can be by his side I am doing this fund raiser to help with medical cost. He has no medical insurance. We also have living cost. We have bills that are impossible to cover with him in the hospital and me off of work. We difantly appreciate any help. Thank you and keep my husband in your prayers.

Organized by

Chris Hirst

Lexington, SC, USA