About this fundraiser

For more than 25 years I have put on a fireworks show for the kids and there parents plus anyone else who wants to see it.I have moved the show three times as it got bigger bit always on rosehill road. The last few years hundreds of people watched. In all those years I never asked for donations the cheering and the happiness of everyone was my reward and the pictures from kids are the greatest gift I ever received . This year because of my diabetes the wounds on my leg has not left me unable to work at all this year the small repair jobs I would do to fund the show I haven't been able to do. I could skip a year I all ready heard about if I am having the show and the thought I disappointed kids is hard for me to take. Especially some of those kid have grown up and have kids of there own 


Organized by

Mark Huss

Kaukauna, WI, USA