About this fundraiser

This is for a very nice lady named Linda Lamont whose husband died last month and her only child died 2 years ago. her husband was very sick and didn't have a chance to fix her camper back up to par her camper is totally falling apart . it's not even safe she has no way to get any help from family because they are all deceased except for a younger sister and she is on her own too. I would hope that we all stick together and maybe get some money together or if someone has a camper they can spare for this woman 


Linda lives in the same area as her only living  sister and wants to stay in that area .Linda would appreciate any amount you can spare.we would appreciate anything so if you have a spare camper or can donate a small amount of money we would appreciate it..we need to get this nice lady into a nice home where she can feel safe.Being by herself she is struggling.

Would be so thankful if we could help her out.Thsnk you n Bless you


Organized by

Judy Hayes

Rappahannock Academy, VA, USA