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On Monday October 30th, 2023 our dear friend Chris Disterdick was rushed to Baptist Health-Conway with symptoms of suffering from a possible stroke. After several hours of Emergency Department care it was in Chris’s best interest for him and his wife Kimberly, to consent to be transported to Washington Regional Medical in Fayetteville.  The staff at Conway expressed the urgency of getting him under the care of a neuro team as quickly as possible. They then arranged transport via Med-Flight and his wife was on the road quickly after.  Chris arrived at Washington Regional around 4:00a.m. and they immediately placed him in ICU and began scheduling more tests.  The tests revealed Chris did in fact suffer from a stroke, a Basal Ganglia Stroke to be specific.  This type of stroke affects a part of the brain that is essential for movement, language, mood, and many other crucial functions. It can also lead to changes in emotions and initiative.  It’s complex but it is possible for survivors to restore important functions and improve performance of daily activities. This is especially true when a consistent rehabilitation plan is followed.  THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL COME IN!! Chris loss mobility in his left side and we all know that he has served our community very well, both personally and professionally as he is the owner of Chick N‘ Butts BBQ.  He cannot continue cooking (at this time) and we all know the bills don’t stop. He has a long road to recovery ahead and lots of rehab/therapy to participate in. If you are in a position to make a donation, please please please do so.  What better way to help then to lessen the stress/burden of finances for the next several months and allow him and Kim to truly focus on his recovery.  Please donate, share, and pray for The Disterdick Family ❤️. 

Organized by

Kayla Merrill

North Little Rock, AR, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Kimberly Disterdick