About this fundraiser

Welcome to Jason Borja’s fundraising page!  If you know Jason, you’re already aware that he is a hard working, good-hearted, loving father and civic minded volunteer. What you may not know is Jason has been struggling with health issues for sometime now. His current struggle started about two years ago when he became ill and was hospitalized for heart failure. During this time he underwent several procedures, multiple tests and took various medications to correct the problems. Throughout this, Jason managed to work enough to support himself, despite feeling poorly. He suffers crushing fatigue, sensitivity to heat and shortness of breath.

One month ago, Jason was informed by his cardiologist he would require a major surgery for a damaged aortic valve and aortic aneurysm. Without the surgery, his condition will worsen, significantly impacting his quality of life and worse-limiting his lifespan. As you can imagine this was difficult news to cope with.

This surgery involves opening his chest, cracking his sternum, replacing the old valve and repairing the aneurysm. The estimated hospital stay is about 10 days and he is expected to make a full recovery after 60-90 days.

During his recovery, Jason will be unable to drive or work. He has health insurance, but no paid time off. He will have no income for approximately 3 months after the surgery and less than his usual income during the time leading up to the surgery. He will still have bills to pay, just like the rest of us. Jason is anxious about how he will pay rent, work truck note, utilities, etc. He has applied for some government assistance and was informed he would get an eligibility determination in about 10 months. Jason cannot wait that long. His surgery is scheduled to take place July 15.

And so Jason has agreed to allow friends and family to initiate fundraising efforts. It starts here. A fundraising account will be established very soon. Updates will be posted on this page. Please consider donating whatever you are able . Help Jason get back on his feet to a full recovery.

Jason and his family will be very thankful for your help and support.  Your support will help him return to his previous productive, happy life.  

Organized by

Shirley Colvin

River Ridge, LA, USA