About this fundraiser

As many of you know, for the last seven or eight years, Stephen has been living in a housing complex for homeless veterans. He was the smartest person I know and was rated fluent in around 12 languages and conversational really in any language he heard.  He chose to use his gifts to protect and defend his country.   Along the way something broke.  Once he got out of the Navy, like many veterans, he wasn’t the same.  His death was extremely unexpected and even though Harris county is willing to assist with his burial, that process would take six weeks.  I don’t want to draw out this process to that extent, I feel is too much for his loved ones.  The VA will reimburse some of the expenses incurred, but I’m not sure how long that will take or how much they will cover.  To make this process as easier and less traumatic on his daughter, I am asking for people who loved and cared for him to please donate what they can. Any money collected in excess of what is spent, and or reimbursed will be given to a Veterans homeless organization, or a veterans bereavement fund.  As soon as we have an idea of when we can have the services, we will announce it to everyone.  

Organized by

Shannon Lockhart

Houston, TX, USA