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Hello everyone the reason I have started this fundraiser through give a hand, My son Robert McKinney Jr was tragically shot and killed on May 26th my son Robert life will snatched away.🥺

   Unfortunately we did not have insurance to cover the cost .My goal is to give my son a proper home going I figured the amount that I chose  would  allow me to set up for funeral service and cremation. although my son Robert never discussed what his final wishes would be as far as burial  or cremation this is something that a mother and a young man never expected at this young tender age of 28 but I am  forced to face this devastatin & hurt at this time that has fallen on our family. My sons life was taken🥺😢😢💔

He won't get to grow old he won't get to watch his children grow He won't get to reach the success of his dreams ,He won't get to build a generational wealth to leave behind for his children that he talked about much our last conversation on Saturday he called me for ideas he was  planning his daughters birthday celebration Robert was a very Hands-On parent this  was most important  to him he leaves behind 3 small children💔💔💔🥺. Robert was such a reserved, humble , mild mannered calm Spirit individual.. I am asking for help to make this homegoing possible thank you in advance.

Many many thank appreciatio 



Sujua Deane  

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Sujuan Deanes

Chicago, IL, USA