About this fundraiser

David “Dave” Keith Hewitt

Born March 23rd, 1973, in Wayne, NE

Deceased March 21st, 2023, in Atmore, AL

(The official obituary is linked below)

Dave passed away at his home in Alabama two days before his 50th birthday. In 2021, what he believed to be painful heartburn turned out to be a COVID related heart problem. Unfortunately, as time passed, he wasn’t completely forthright as to the seriousness of his condition. Thus, unexpectedly, he just didn’t wake up on the morning of March 21st.

After a lot of thought and the finalization of expenses, I am reaching out on behalf of his significant other, his three children and myself; asking for anyone who may feel it in their heart to help with this unexpected expense. His remains were cremated; a memorial will take place once his youngest child is a little older and it is safe for him to travel. The cost came out to exactly $2,891.  

Help with any portion of that would be greatly appreciated. If donations were to exceed that amount, additional funds would be divided amongst his three children and used for medical and the special care they all require. 

Many of you are already aware that all three of his children were born with special needs. His daughter, Piper (21) has Aspergers and requires therapy and medication. His oldest son, Zi (18), is on the severe end of the autism spectrum. He is considered non-verbal and requires constant care, medication and therapy when approved. Last but certainly not least, his youngest son, Rush, was born with Williams Syndrome. As a result, he has supravalvular aortic stenosis and has already endured 4 open heart surgeries and a catheter; he is only 22 months old. 

I only mention this in order to be completely transparent as to what (if any) additional donations would be used for. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


Organized by

Jennifer Dutremaine Hewitt

Riverview, FL, USA