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Hi my name is rocky. Me and Judy weren't able to get life insurance due to her health issues. She was battling bone cancer. In and out of the hospital and chemo treatment 3 times a month. Not counting the infusion. A couple weeks ago she was not breathing well and rushed to hospital for fluid removal around the lungs. Shebwas good to go home and discharged and then 2 days later rushed in again for the same thing. Judy was released to Glenwood senior care just for skilled therapy on the 5th day she went to therapy and then went back to her room and passed out and struggled to breath and rushed in to the hospital for fluid removal again. But when admitted she tested positive for R.S.V. and pneumonia. While Judy was at Glenwood care center they placed resident with my wife. The client was discharged and the facility helped load her stuff in my car and allowed me to take her home. I called on the phone and was told the lady never had it. Then when I got back to the facility they had respiratory papers on the door. But not when I left..I immediately went to question it and the supervisor clarified that the lady was positive which exposed My wife Judy. Which placed her in ICU on the 22 of this month December 2023 struggled and fought for her life for 8 days and passed away at 6:01 p.m December 29 2023. At the age of 63 I am the widower. I was a blessed man to have such a woman like that. Strong and faithful woman. My everything. I'm trying to raise the finances to lay my beautiful wife too rest. With her cancer conditions we weren't able to get her life insurance. She was a loving mom and wife sister in christ to everyone. She accepted everyone. She did not deserve to go this soon. But it happened. She went to heaven right where she wanted. No questions asked. A woman that was liked and loved by everyone will soon be at rest. God bless all who can an all that are not able. May you all be blessed with many blessings. This will include flower arrangements,cremation , Urn alaminate cards, plus funeral home fees. Thanks so much for giving a gift to put my wife to rest so she can be at peace. Godbless Again, I just want to thank each and every one of you. They can make a donation to help lay my beautiful and precious wife to rest. So she can be a piece and even God bless. The ones that aren't able to give. May he bless each and every one of you. Also thank you. The money we are asking for the crematsend. The laminate phopost the service fees,Urn, necklaces so we can always be by our hearts God bless 

Organized by

Rocky Postlewait

Oxnard, CA, USA