About this fundraiser

I will benefit from this and the reason I’m asking for help is because I came back from Florida just to see my mother and happened to meet a women who I thought would be my last. She will not be! And I truly fell in love with her. As time went by the less she would help me with chores around the apartment. So needless to say after I would get off work I had to clean.  And at the same time she would just sit on her phone drink beer all day and smoke cigarettes.  And I was supporting these habits of hers on a part time job, “landscaping”. Well I thought I was the cause of a broken relationship. So I went to see a therapist, long story short she is a narcissit! Who did not care for anything or anyone whatsoever, you confront her and she would play the victim. She would not attend therapy with me so my therapist said run and don’t look back! So on advise from my therapist I intend to do just that, unbeknownst to her.. I’m hoping that $1000 will be enough for a backpack and a one way ticket to Alaska. As for the second part of the story, my brother agreed to pay $150 a week to do his yard and he lied to me and would give me $20 here $40 there after we agreed on the price. I confronted him and he called the police on me after I had finished his yard. And this has happened before so it was no surprise to me when that occurred.  Having family in the same state but yet feel so alone with no one to talk to, I just want to leave and never return.

Organized by

Rene Gonzalez

Salt Lake City, UT, USA