About this fundraiser

My long term goal is to have an actual thrift store but not the normal one it will be in a big building but kinda like a mini shopping outlet... It will have a pizza parlor with arcade games, the thrift shop (the main biggest part of the building), a latte stand and an auto detail/repair garage but with the money made from it I wanna split it in half and put one half into a business savings account and the other half will be evenly disbursed at the end of every year with all my employees that have been there for a year or longer. Plus eventually get enough in the savings that we can be the community resource for small businesses to come to to ask for help when they are falling behind financially or if they need something to make their operation more successful. I just wanna help people, that's all I wanna do. So, until I'm able to get the bigger goal achievable then I will start with a small store and in my store " I will have low cost furniture so family's that have very little income can still come into my store and get nice furniture for there family and cheap household items they will be all used but they will all work and be decent looking. I will give away one outfit every other day to whoever comes in and needs it that way they don't get a bunch all at once and get it all stolen... Plus, I will have snacks and water that the homeless can come in and grab one snack and a water bottle once a day and coffee and hot chocolate during winter season. I wanna have heaters (above arms reach) outback of my store so ppl can get warm at night if they don't have any other way. I know the struggles of being homeless and almost hopeless. I know how I felt with the feelings that the agencies don't actually know what a homeless person truly needs and I know the struggles from being homeless for 5 years. So I wanna focus on helping with the main struggles that most community support place pass over not realizing how important those things are
I want the business name to be Pinky's helping hands because Pink is my favorite color and I'm more than willing and eager to get my hands dirty and get to work on helping my homeless community. 










Organized by

Tasha Gray

Wenatchee, WA, USA