About this fundraiser

I have been very sick with Giant cell Vasculiti. I had been misdiagnosed and 3 years later I have started to loose vision balance and the ability to function due to the damage the disease has caused due to late diagnosis. 
I am currently on high doses of steroids to try to counter act any brain bleeds and to try to help keep my veins open. I also monthly have the highest dose of Actemtra infusion that I am able to have. I walk with a walker as I have been starting to fall due to dizziness and balance issues. I will soon need a wheel chair as it is getting very hard. I am still trying to work as a I work from home, I have not been able to drive due to vision impairment from the Vasculitis. I could really use any help I could get as I am struggling with the loss of my body movements I am also struggling to maintain home. I have many medical bills and I have reduced hours and could use some help keeping my home and car so I am able to try to recover and fight a good fight for my health. I had a vascular biopsy last November to confirm diagnosis and just really need some help. 

Organized by

Stefani LeGrand

West Fargo, ND, USA