About this fundraiser

Gigi is a wonderful happy little girl.  Loves life, hiking, playing with her friend.

She had 3 Seizures in 3 days and I ran her to the specialty center. They did x-rays and ultrasound and blood work. And she has a nodule on her spleen. That needs to be taken off. ASAP .  IfIf it busts and bleeds, she'll die so it has to be taken off as soon as possible. As soon as we can get the funds together. It's a lot. But that's what they charge and so I have no choice, she's healthy otherwise I would think about a different choice but she's healthy and happy and people just love her. She's been in some contests and she's one. She's just beautiful and loving little girl. Please help all you can as fast as you can with as much as you can. I'd really appreciate it. I love this girl. She is my life. I'm a senior and I can't go out and work. I need the help. So if you could possibly help me, I'd sure appreciate it. God bless you.

Organized by

Rhonda Young

Shady Cove, OR, USA