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I'm asking for everyone to read this with compassion and an open heart. My friend has been down a really rough road for the last 20 + years due to a pretty traumatic accident. On top of the accident, she was unable to work, due to her injuries that she sustained. She has never been able to fully return to any kind of permanent employment. Through the years, the medical bills have piled up leaving her in an awful financial situation which caused her to use credit cards, in order to get the companies to leave her alone and merely survive.  Due to the fact that this all started prior to her getting married, she always separated it because she never wanted her husband to have to work to pay off something that should have been taken care of through insurance. She is trying her best and has for years, not giving up faith no matter how hard the journey.  She has been nonstop with medical issues and is getting ready to go in for another surgery.  She is a very strong person, mentally, but at the moment her faith has been diminishing. She is unable to get life insurance due to her medical issues, therefore, she has a great fear, if something happens and she doesn't survive the surgery that her family will be left with a financial mess.  It weighs on her mind daily, which is not helping her pain and mental state. She truly has been through so much and her friends and I would like to try to make things easier to relieve the stress and take the burden off of her. The minimal cost of medical bills needed to be paid prior to surgery and also items needed once she comes home, that are medically necessary, is around $10,000. Our dream would be to come up with the money that was taken from her, but the amount that is asked for, the $50,000 would be beyond helpful. $50K would allow her to receive the follow up care and treatments REQUIRED without having to choose buying groceries, paying the electric bill or paying the co-pays or prescriptions that will be REQUIRED of her and would also take care of the bills accumulated through the years. Bad things happen to good people every day but when every day turns into 20 + years, they begin to question their foundations of the morals that have been integrated into their life to establish their integrity.  Her road has been long and hard, harder than most realize, and the toll would have killed most but the perseverance and her innate positive nature would not allow her to lose faith of the idea that all people are kind. It is just the few rotten apples that she has encountered that has put her in this position. There are so many details to the story that I cannot share, that shows how much she was mentally tortured, but it is not my story to tell. The ailments that she suffers from may not seem as scary as “Cancer” but the fact that she has survived one life threatening surgery already, should give you a glimpse as to the fighter that she is. She continues to dig deeper and deeper to find strength daily.  The medical bills are not the only issue; however, they are the catalyst for the other issues that have developed over the years. The fact that she can get up every day and pray for some relief is amazing.  She has stood on her faith for as long as anyone can remember. We are in awe of her strength and endurance and her ability to continue fighting when she's been let down so many times. Her life depends on this right now and we are asking for you to please show some compassion. She is unaware that we put this together and we would like to keep it that way due to her pride and the little bit of fight in her that she has left in her. She would rather try to help someone else than for anyone to ever help her. Every dollar and every share are helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for any help that you are able to give, may blessings return to you tenfold. 

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Rising Sun, MD, USA